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Motto - Kia Rangatira

This concept uses a modern stylised approach.  The keruru has been drawn using strong Maori and Pasifika cultural symbols and shapes. The large Kereru chest has two koru within a shield shape. Using a shield like emblem represents a warrior and the idea that each person is a warrior within themselves who can overcome obstacles and hardships academically to achieve goals and visions. The wings are placed in a way to make the Kereru appear as if it is ascending upwards and reaching new heights. The wings have 3 strong curves which represent the 3 whānau and  the idea that as a school community, we carry each other.


The motto or whakatauki Kia Rangatira reflects the meaning of the logo as well as  connecting to  the motto of our intermediate school It is a call for young people to step up as leaders - Kia rangatira is a challenge to take on the demeanour of chiefly behaviour and attitudes, to rise above negativity and to be positive role models, striving to be the very best. The image and the motto are closely connected as the brief developed talks about each person being a warrior in themselves.

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