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On Wednesday 2 May 2018 we held the dedication of the school mural produced by renowned artists Charles and Janine Williams. 
A strong and graphic visual is designed to capture your attention as you approach the central space of the school.

Drawing on the beauty of the school location in Papakura and its geographical features, the colour palette connects to the whenua and school uniform. The waiata and Bellbird (Komako) imagery all point to the message that people are the most important part of the journey especially within a school system.

The aronui taniko pattern is used when speaking about the pursuit of knowledge and forms a graphic maunga shape within the red earth tones. It is a simple yet striking approach to presenting the new imagery and direction for the school and its push towards a greater future that is inclusive of the community and creativity. Our hope is that it will be a symbol of pride for years to come.

Aronui Taniko pattern - The pursuit of knowledge of the natural world and education.
Light red and white triangle - Maunga Pukekiwiriki/Redhill
Papakura - Red Earth
Komako - Bellbird
Green - School uniform colours and the natural world
He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata - from school waiata Hutia

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