Although our own sports teams are doing well it is rewarding to keep up with our recent students and I would like to congratulate Patrick Mailata, Stephanie Skilton and Rachel Burge who are all representing New Zealand at boxing, soccer and archery respectively - well done!

On June 11th our school was 60 years old and I challenged our students to return for our centenary in 40 years. I asked them to consider their pathways into the future, and how they would look back on the life choices they have and are making. I have met with several businesses and training organisations recently, and they all tell me that there are huge employment opportunities for our students, provided that they can demonstrate some basic values around punctuality, attendance and maturity.

However the higher up the qualification ladder a student climbs the further they can see when it comes to salaries and opportunities. This is a time when our students must work hard to complete assessments and listen to the advice of their teachers. By the time you read this we will have had Senior Subject conferences and you will have had a chance to talk to your child’s tutor and teachers. You will have received notification of the conferences by letter (via your child), email and text. We have just started using text and email so please check that your details are correct, of the 551 texts we sent 35 were returned as number unobtainable.

Our Maori parents group met with Wiki Upward earlier in the month and she gave them a really informative presentation on NCEA. She is happy to visit families in the community and if you want a similar presentation for your whanau and friends please contact her via Mr Van Etten. Our next Maori parents’ meeting is on 6th August, next term.

There are several changes taking place in our local schools, Sue Blakely will start as Principal of Rosehill College and Robert Solomone at Alfriston College. We are also losing a long-time friend of the school, Pat Conrad, who is leaving Mansell Senior to take over the Principalship of two schools in the far north. On behalf of the school and the many ex-Mansell students I wish her all the best for the future.

Finally as we come up to the mid-year break I wish you all a relaxing holiday with your children.


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