Papakura High School offers a dynamic and challenging curriculum with a wide range of educational, cultural, sporting and social opportunities. Our core pedagogy is based on a model of ‘Learn, Create, Share’ with an expectation of students learning in the 21st Century. Many classes regularly utilise ICT as one of their teaching tools as we recognise the importance of being technologically skilled. Students are encouraged to set high academic and vocational goals and to develop the desire for life-long learning.

Junior classes

Placement into classes is based on academic information provided by contributing schools and confirmed by testing early in the year. To help with the transition from Intermediate school, Year 9 students are kept together as a class for the day. The priority of Year 10 is to prepare for NCEA Level 1. Students remain as one class to study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education. They then choose two option subjects to study for the year.  

Junior graduation programmes

Kia Puawai - Year 9 Programme

Kia Puawai transitions students from intermediate and prepares them for the Yr 10 junior diploma, Te Tohu Rangatira. 

Kia Puawai booklet

Te Tohu Rangatira - Year 10 Programme

Te Tohu Rangatira prepares students for success at NCEA in Year 11. 

Te Tohu Rangatira booklet

These programmes measure student engagement as well as success in various areas such as academic, sporting etc.

Junior Reports

Juniors assessment levels are reported against the New Zealand Curriculum. This document explains how you will see their levels reported.

Senior Classes

As an NZQA accredited provider, the school offers students the opportunity to gain national qualifications. We work with MIT and the Trades Academy to offer a range of vocationally based training.

Year 11

Students gain credits towards NCEA Level 1. All students must take English or Social Studies, Mathematics and Science, and two other subjects – a total of five courses.

Year 12 and Year 13

Students gain credits towards NCEA Level 2 and 3. There are no compulsory subjects at these levels. All students have the opportunity to experience workplace environments whilst gaining additional credits through our Gateway programme. We offer many Tertiary experiences through our Careers Department, smoothing the pathway into further education.

For all senior students:

Click on the following links for NZQA Website and NCEA Examination Timetable NCEA Examination Timetable

NCEA Results can be accessed by logging in on the NZQA website through the following link: NCEA Results

Academic Support

The Learning Centre supports students with individual specific learning needs. Students from overseas may need to study a programme of English as an additional language in our ESOL department. We also have a series of conferences where the focus is placed on the future goals of the student, ensuring that the pathway they are on leads to their desired outcome.