How you can help

How you can help - Charitable Trust - Papakura High School

The school has identified the following areas that would be of most value to the students:

  1. Provision of outdoor experiences  camps and outdoor education centres – assist in developing leadership skills, social and personal skills, confidence building and health benefits.
  2. Provision of adventure and learning centred experiences – trips to other places, cities, events, institutions, that our students and their families could never afford – expose our students to a greater breadth of life experiences, to help them understand their place in the world and their future potential.
  3. Provision of high profile and motivational speakers, and programmes – widening the views and perspectives of our students, providing motivational role models, providing success stories for our students to emulate.
  4. Provision of sports uniforms and representative apparel – track suits, travel jackets, team apparel – boost the image and morale of our students as they represent Papakura High School in various fields, whether sports or arts or academic endeavours.


There are various ways that you might be able to help:

  1. Donation of money to the Trust 
  2. Donation of goods and services to the School or the Trust
  3. Donation of time to the School or the Trust
  4. Offers of mentoring or experiences for individuals or groups of students
  5. Use your networks to spread the news about the Trust and its goals

Please contact us via the email below if you would like to assist the Trust in its endeavours to enhance and support Papakura High School.


Papakura High School Charitable Trust Bank Account Details:

ASB   12-3658-0000991-00


Papakura High School Charitable Trust Contact Details:

[email protected]