School Trustee Elections

Nominations are now open for candidates for five parent representatives for the Papakura High School Board of Trustees.

By now, all parents and caregivers of students attending Papakura High School should have received an election nomination notice and election nomination form.

If you have not received yours or you would like another copy, please contact the school during normal school hours. Any parent, caregiver or other member of the public can be on the board of trustees, but the nomination must be made by someone on the voting roll of the school. Alternatively, you can self nominate, but you must sign the nomination form in two places, signature of candidate as well as signature of the person making the nomination. You can include a photograph as well as a statement (up to 400 words) in your nomination.

Nominations must be delivered or posted to the school on or before noon on Friday 24 May, the close of nominations. If there are more candidates that spaces available on the board, an election will be held on Friday 7 June.

School Trustee Election flyer

School Trustee Election flyer

School Trustee Election flyer

A copy of the voting roll and a list of candidates can be viewed at school during normal hours.

If you would like more information about trustee elections, please see

Please return completed, signed election nomination forms to: The Returning Officer, Philippa Kaisser, Papakura High School, WIllis Road, PO Box 72 080, Papakura

Signed: Philippa Kaisser

Returning Officer, Papakura High School