Policies and Complaints Procedure

Policies and Complaints Procedure - About Us - Papakura High School

G.1 Board roles and responsibilies 

G.2 Trustee code of behaviour policy

G.3 Trustee remuneration and expenses policy

G.4 Conflict of interest policy

G.5 Chair role description policy

G.6 Staff trustee role description policy

G.7 Student trustee role description policy

G.8 Relationship between chair and principal policy

G.9 Principal performance management policy

GP4 Concerns and complaints process

N1.1 Curriculum Policy - currently under review

N1.2 Te Tiriti o Waitangi policy

N2.5 Review Policy

N2.6 Reporting Policy

N3.1 Personnel Management Policy

N4.1 Financial planning and condition policy

N4.2 Asset protection policy

N5.1 Health and Safety policy

N5.3 Complaints Policy

N5.8 Physical Restraint Policy

N5.9 Child/Student Protection policy